• [4.4R3]Licences & armes qui ne sauvegarde pas après une sync et une déconnexion

    Version :: 4.4R3

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    Bonsoir, comme dit dans le titre nous avons remarqué que les licences (toutes;civiles, cop et médic) disparaissaient suite a la sync et a la déco/reboot du serveur.

    J’ai entendu parler du fichier Config_Master.hpp que j’ai édité dans l’espoir que cela y change quelque chose mais en vain. Voici le Master :

    #define true 1  
    #define false 0  
        Master settings for various features and functionality  
    class Life_Settings {  
    /* Logging and Security Settings*/  
        /* Security Settings */  
        spyGlass_toggle = false; //Spyglass On/Off Toggle --> True = On & False = Off  
        /* Data Logging Settings */  
        battlEye_friendlyLogging = false; //False [default] - Read the logs from the server.rpt. True - Read the logs from the publicVariable.log. NOTE: Due to how diag_log works it will log to both files either way and the setting is merely for beautification purposes.  
        player_advancedLog = true; //False [default] - No advanced logging. True - Logs house purchase and sale, vehicle purchase, sale, and chop shopping, police arrests, and gang creations. Search for: advanced_log  
        player_moneyLog = true; //False [default] - No money logging. True - Logs player bank deposits, withdraws, and transfers, gang bank deposits and withdraws, money picked up off of the ground, and player robbery. Search for: money_log  
        player_deathLog = true; //False [default] - No death logging. True - Logs victim and killer, and vehicle or weapon if used, when a player dies. Search for: death_log  
    /* Database Related Settings */  
        /* Player Data Saving */  
        save_virtualItems = true; //Save Virtual items (all sides)?  
        saved_virtualItems[] = { "pickaxe","fuelEmpty","fuelFull", "spikeStrip", "lockpick", "defuseKit","storageSmall","storageBig","redgull","coffee","waterBottle","apple","peach","tbacon","donuts","rabbit","salema","ornate","mackerel","tuna","mullet","catshark","turtle_soup","hen","rooster","sheep","goat","defibrillator","toolkit" }; //Array of virtual items that can be saved on your player.  
        save_playerStats = true; //Save food, water and damage (all sides)?  
        save_civilian_weapons = true; //Allow civilians to save weapons on them?  
        save_civilian_position = true; //Save civilian location?  
        save_civilian_position_restart = true; //Save civilian location only between restarts. After a server restart you'll have to spawn again.  
        /* !!!TO SAVE POSITION BETWEEN RESTARTS save_civilian_position MUST BE TRUE!!! */  
        save_civilian_positionStrict = false; //Strip the player if possible combat-log?  WARNING: Server crashes and lack of reliable syncing can trigger this.  
        /* Vehicle Data Saving */  
        save_vehicle_virtualItems = false; //Save virtual items inside the vehicle (all sides)(-- See defined items on next line --)  
        save_vehicle_items[] = { "pickaxe","fuelEmpty","fuelFull", "spikeStrip", "lockpick", "defuseKit","storageSmall","storageBig","redgull","coffee","waterBottle","apple","peach","tbacon","donuts","rabbit","salema","ornate","mackerel","tuna","mullet","catshark","turtle_soup","hen","rooster","sheep","goat","defibrillator","toolkit" };  
        save_vehicle_inventory = false; //Save Arma inventory of vehicle to the database  
        save_vehicle_fuel = false; //Save vehicle fuel level to the database (Impounded/Garaged).  
        save_vehicle_damage = false; //Save vehicle damage to the database.  
        save_vehicle_illegal = false; //This will allow cops to be advised when a vehicle, with illegal items in it, is impounded. This will also save illegal items as proof of crime, and needs "save_vehicle_virtualItems" set as true. Illegal items don't need to be set in save_vehicle_items[] for being saved, if it's enabled.  
    /* System Settings */  
        /* ATM & Federal Reserve System Configurations */  
        global_ATM = true; //Allow users to access any ATM on the map (Marked & Unmarked).  
        noatm_timer = 10; //Time in minutes that players cannot deposit money after selling stolen gold.  
        minimum_cops = 5; //Minimum cops required online to rob the Federal Reserve  
        /* Basic System Configurations */  
        donor_level = true; //Enable the donor level set in database (var = life_donorlevel; levels = 0,1,2,3,4,5). ATTENTION! Before enabling, read: https://www.bistudio.com/community/game-content-usage-rules & https://www.bistudio.com/monetization  
        enable_fatigue = true; //Set to false to disable the ARMA 3 fatigue system.  
        total_maxWeight = 24; //Static variable for the maximum weight allowed without having a backpack  
        respawn_timer = 30; //How many seconds a player should wait, before being able to respawn. Minimum 5 seconds.  
        /* Channel 7 News Station Configurations */  
        news_broadcast_cost = 150000; //Cost for a player to send a news station broadcast.  
        news_broadcast_cooldown = 20; //Time in minutes that is required between news station broadcasts. (Default = 20 minutes)  
        news_broadcast_header_length = 60; //Number of characters that a header can consist of. Anything over this may clip. This depends on the font size and various other factors. Adjust with caution.  
        /* Clothing System Configurations */  
        civ_skins = false; //Enable or disable civilian skins. Before enabling, you must add all the SEVEN files to textures folder. (It must be named as: civilian_uniform_1.jpg, civilian_uniform_2.jpg...civilian_uniform_6.jpg, civilian_uniform_7.jpg)  
        cop_extendedSkins = false; //Enable or disable cop skins by level. Before enabling, you must add all the EIGHT files to textures folder. (It must be named as: cop_uniform.jpg + cop_uniform_1.jpg, cop_uniform_2.jpg...cop_uniform_6.jpg, cop_uniform_7.jpg; meaning cop_uniform = life_coplevel=0, cop_uniform_1 = life_coplevel=1, cop_uniform_2 = life_coplevel=2, etc...)  
        clothing_noTP = false;  //Disable clothing preview teleport? (true = no teleport. false = teleport)  
        clothing_box = true; //true = teleport to a black box. false = teleport to somewhere on map. (It only affects the game if clothing_noTP is set as false)  
        clothing_masks[] = { "H_Shemag_olive", "H_Shemag_khk", "H_Shemag_tan", "H_Shemag_olive_hs", "H_ShemagOpen_khk", "H_ShemagOpen_tan", "G_Balaclava_blk", "G_Balaclava_combat", "G_Balaclava_lowprofile", "G_Balaclava_oli", "G_Bandanna_aviator", "G_Bandanna_beast", "G_Bandanna_blk", "G_Bandanna_khk", "G_Bandanna_oli", "G_Bandanna_shades", "G_Bandanna_sport", "G_Bandanna_tan", "U_O_GhillieSuit", "U_I_GhillieSuit", "U_B_GhillieSuit", "H_RacingHelmet_1_black_F", "H_RacingHelmet_1_red_F", "H_RacingHelmet_1_white_F", "H_RacingHelmet_1_blue_F", "H_RacingHelmet_1_yellow_F", "H_RacingHelmet_1_green_F", "H_RacingHelmet_1_F", "H_RacingHelmet_2_F", "H_RacingHelmet_3_F", "H_RacingHelmet_4_F" };  
        /* Fuel System Configurations */  
        pump_service = false; //Allow users to use pump service on the map. Default = false  
        fuel_cost = 80; //Cost of fuel per liter at fuel stations (if not defined for the vehicle already).  
        service_chopper = 1000; //Cost to service chopper at chopper service station(Repair/Refuel).  
        fuelCan_refuel = 250; //Cost to refuel an empty fuel canister at the fuel station pumps. (Be wary of your buy/sell prices on fuel cans to prevent exploits...)  
        /* Gang System Configurations */  
        gang_price = 75000; //Gang creation price. --Remember they are persistent so keep it reasonable to avoid millions of gangs.  
        gang_upgradeBase = 10000; //The base cost for purchasing additional slots in a gang  
        gang_upgradeMultiplier = 2.5; //CURRENTLY NOT IN USE  
        /* Housing System Configurations */  
        house_limit = 5; //Maximum number of houses a player can own.  
        /* Hunting & Fishing System Configurations */  
        animaltypes_fish[] = { "Salema_F", "Ornate_random_F", "Mackerel_F", "Tuna_F", "Mullet_F", "CatShark_F", "Turtle_F" }; //Classnames of fish you can catch  
        animaltypes_hunting[] = { "Sheep_random_F", "Goat_random_F", "Hen_random_F", "Cock_random_F", "Rabbit_F" }; //Classnames of aniamls you can hunt/gut  
        /* Item-related Restrictions */  
        restrict_medic_weapons = true; //Set to false to allow medics to use any weapon --true will remove ANY weapon they attempt to use (primary,secondary,launcher)  
        restrict_clothingPickup = true; //Set to false to allow civilians to pickup/take any uniform (ground/crates/vehicles)  
        restrict_weaponPickup = false; //Set to false to allow civilians to pickup/take any weapon (ground/crates/vehicles)  
        restricted_uniforms[] = { "U_Rangemaster", "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_tshirt", "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_worn", "U_B_survival_uniform" };  
        restricted_weapons[] = { "hgun_P07_snds_F", "arifle_MX_F", "arifle_MXC_F" };  
        /* Jail System Configurations */  
        jail_seize_vItems[] = { "spikeStrip","lockpick","goldbar","blastingcharge","boltcutter","defusekit","heroin_unprocessed","heroin_processed","cannabis","marijuana","cocaine_unprocessed","cocaine_processed","turtle_raw" }; //Define VIRTUAL items you want to be removed from players upon jailing here. Use "jail_seize_inventory" for Arma inventory items.  
        jail_seize_inventory = false; //Set to true to run the cop seize script on inmates. False will remove only weapons and magazines otherwise. (Basically used in case cops forget to seize items). [See Lines 106-111 below]  
        sendtoJail_locations[] = { "police_hq_1", "police_hq_2", "cop_spawn_3", "cop_spawn_5", "Correctional_Facility" }; //Enter the variableName from the mission.sqm here to allow cops to send a person to jail at these locations.  
        /* Medical System Configurations */  
        revive_cops = true; //true to enable cops the ability to revive everyone or false for only medics/ems.  
        revive_fee = 1500; //Revive fee that players have to pay and medics only EMS(independent) are rewarded with this amount.  
        hospital_heal_fee = 100; //Fee to heal at a hospital NPC  
        /* Paycheck & Bank System Configurations */  
        bank_cop = 7000; //Amount of cash in bank for new cops  
        bank_civ = 3000; //Amount of cash in bank for new civillians  
        bank_med = 6500; //Amount of cash in bank for new medics  
        paycheck_cop = 2250; //Payment for cops  
        paycheck_civ = 500; //Payment for civillians  
        paycheck_med = 2250; //Payment for medics  
        paycheck_period = 5; //Scaled in minutes  
        bank_transferTax = .05; //Tax that player pays when transferring money from ATM. Tax = Amount * multiplier  
        /* Player Job System Configurations */  
        delivery_points[] = { "dp_1", "dp_2", "dp_3", "dp_4", "dp_5", "dp_6", "dp_7", "dp_8", "dp_9", "dp_10", "dp_11", "dp_12", "dp_13", "dp_14", "dp_15", "dp_15", "dp_16", "dp_17", "dp_18", "dp_19", "dp_20", "dp_21", "dp_22", "dp_23", "dp_24", "dp_25" };  
        fuelTank_winMultiplier = 1; //Win Multiplier in FuelTank Missions. Increase for greater payout. Default = 1  
        /* Search & Seizure System Configurations */  
        seize_exempt[] = { "Binocular", "ItemWatch", "ItemCompass", "ItemGPS", "ItemMap", "NVGoggles", "FirstAidKit", "ToolKit", "Chemlight_red", "Chemlight_yellow", "Chemlight_green", "Chemlight_blue", "optic_ACO_grn_smg" }; //Arma items that will not get seized from player inventories  
        seize_uniform[] = { "U_Rangemaster" }; //Any specific uniforms you want to be seized from players  
        seize_vest[] = { "V_TacVest_blk_POLICE" }; //Any specific vests you want to be seized from players  
        seize_headgear[] = { "H_Cap_police" }; //Any hats or helmets you want seized from players  
        seize_minimum_rank = 2; //Required minimum CopLevel to be able to seize items from players  
        /* Vehicle System Configurations */  
        chopShop_vehicles[] = { "Car", "Air" }; //Vehicles that can be chopped. (Can add: "Ship" and possibly more -> look at the BI wiki...)  
        vehicle_infiniteRepair[] = {false, false, true, false}; //Set to true for unlimited repairs with 1 toolkit. False will remove toolkit upon use. civilian, west, independent, east  
        vehicleShop_rentalOnly[] = { "B_MRAP_01_hmg_F", "B_G_Offroad_01_armed_F", "B_Boat_Armed_01_minigun_F" }; //Vehicles that can only be rented and not purchased. (Last only for the session)  
        vehicleShop_3D = false; //Add preview 3D inside Shop vehicle.       Default : False  
        /* Vehicle Purchase Prices */  
        vehicle_purchase_multiplier_CIVILIAN = 1; //Civilian Vehicle Buy Price = Config_Vehicle price * multiplier  
        vehicle_purchase_multiplier_COP = .5; //Cop Vehicle Buy Price = Config_Vehicle price * multiplier  
        vehicle_purchase_multiplier_MEDIC = .75; //Medic Vehicle Buy Price = Config_Vehicle price * multiplier  
        vehicle_purchase_multiplier_OPFOR = -1; // -- NOT IN USE -- Simply left in for east support.  
        /* Vehicle Rental Prices */  
        vehicle_rental_multiplier_CIVILIAN = .80; //Civilian Vehicle Rental Price = Config_Vehicle price * multiplier  
        vehicle_rental_multiplier_COP = .3; //Cop Vehicle Rental Price = Config_Vehicle price * multiplier  
        vehicle_rental_multiplier_MEDIC = .55; //Medic Vehicle Rental Price = Config_Vehicle price * multiplier  
        vehicle_rental_multiplier_OPFOR = -1; // -- NOT IN USE -- Simply left in for east support.  
        /* Vehicle Sell Prices */  
        vehicle_sell_multiplier_CIVILIAN = .5; //Civilian Vehicle Garage Sell Price = Vehicle Buy Price * multiplier  
        vehicle_sell_multiplier_COP = .5; //Cop Vehicle Garage Sell Price = Vehicle Buy Price * multiplier  
        vehicle_sell_multiplier_MEDIC = .5; //Medic Vehicle Garage Sell Price = Vehicle Buy Price * multiplier  
        vehicle_sell_multiplier_OPFOR = -1; // -- NOT IN USE -- Simply left in for east support.  
        /* "Other" Vehicle Prices */  
        vehicle_chopShop_multiplier = .25; //Chop Shop price for vehicles. TO AVOID EXPLOITS NEVER SET HIGHER THAN A PURCHASE/RENTAL multipler!   Payout = Config_vehicle Price * multiplier  
        vehicle_storage_fee_multiplier = .2; //Pull from garage cost --> Cost takes the playersides Buy Price * multiplier  
        vehicle_cop_impound_multiplier = .1; //TO AVOID EXPLOITS NEVER SET HIGHER THAN A PURCHASE/RENTAL multipler!   Payout = Config_vehicle Price * multiplier  
        /* Wanted System Settings *  
        /* crimes[] = {String, Bounty, Code} */  
        crimes[] = {  
    #include "Config_Clothing.hpp"  
    #include "Config_Licenses.hpp"  
    #include "Config_Vehicles.hpp"  
    #include "Config_vItems.hpp"  
    #include "Config_Weapons.hpp"  
    #include "Config_Gather.hpp"  
    #include "Config_SpawnPoints.hpp"  
    #include "Config_Process.hpp"  

    Est-ce une erreur récurente ou sommes nous les seules ?

  • j’ai le meme soucis

  • c’est du a votre db les gas mal paramétré sa ;)

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